Adobe Edge is an upcoming Adobe product that will let you create HTML5 animations. There’s no mention of interactivity, yet — but, if you remember what happened with FutureSplash Animator and recall Adobe’s brilliance in creating multimedia-production products, you can imagine what Adobe Edge might become.

A demo released last June showed off Edge’s interface, which is vaguely familiar to Adobe Lightroom, a photo studio application which was written partially in Lua presumably to facilitate easy cross-platform distribution. In a similar vein, Edge will let you create HTML5-driven animations which will work across desktop browsers and modern mobile devices.

When watching the demo I half-expected to see a dialog appear allowing the user to attach scripts to objects and events, but it didn’t happen. The demo doesn’t mention anything about interactivity, unfortunately. If Adobe were to add it, this tool could become a platform for game development.

See: Adobe Edge on Adobe Labs

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    Well Adobe finally going awa with Flash! Looks good