Minecraft is the breakout indie game that combined simple game mechanics with an immersive, 3D sandbox experience. A WebGL demo shows that such an experience can be made possible in the browser.

In what is 850 lines of JavaScript combined with three.js, a leading WebGL library, visualization hacker AlteredQualia has recreated the basic Minecraft experience in the browser. There’s no interaction — no mining, monsters, or cute pigs or sheep — but you’re able to fly around using the W, A, S and D keys and by left- and right-clicking the mouse.

Even though WebGL might not achieve the same performance and beauty of games such as Halo or StarCraft, focusing on game mechanics can make even the simplest demo fun.

See: The demo.

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  • http://twitter.com/SylvainPV Sylvain Pollet

    Here is my fork with day/night cycle, FPS camera and collision with ground and walls :


    • http://bioselement.com/ William Chambers

      Looking awesome. I’d love to get some of the various MC-style game devs together and work on something awesome. :D